Why the movie STINK is essential viewing

This week I watched the movie STINK, and now I feel my mission is to encourage everyone to see it – if you haven’t already! The key message – beware the ingredient FRAGRANCE !

Last week I had time to check my wish list on Netflix and watch something without interruptions. As a parent or busy person, you would appreciate how rare an occasion like this can be!

The movie STINK stood out as it has been on my list for quite a while – actually I was shocked to see the movie was released 4 years ago! After watching it I couldn’t believe it has taken me this long, especially since the message is so aligned with my focus on this website!

If you are reading this now then I have tweeked your interest, so here is why I think it’s essential viewing:

  • You will have a better understanding of the concerns around the word FRAGRANCE listed as an ingredient on the products we use.
  • You will learn about the chemical industry in American and the regulations that don’t exist when it comes to ingredients in products – the situation is pretty similar here in Australia.
  • You will understand how chemicals in the body can disrupt our systems and mutate our DNA.
  • You will realise that it’s up to us to exercise precaution and protect ourselves and our family because the government and industry aren’t.
  • You will (hopefully) read more of my blog and start to detox your home of products with nasty chemicals if you haven’t already.
  • You might even jump on the STINK bandwagon, do some of your own research and educate those around you.

We can all vote with our wallets and start demanding better transparency when it comes to ingredients in products.


This movie is certainly not light-hearted, there is a lot of cold hard facts to take on board. The knowledge that there are about 80,000 chemicals that are used in industry, 17,000 which are classified as “secret”, and knowing that the cosmetics industry is self-regulated is scary enough! The movie delves into how the chemical industry works and how the general public aren’t being protected like we think.

I thank director Jon Whelan for sharing his story and deciding to take on his own investigation. The movie revolves around a personal story beautifully told with a powerful message fuelled by his love for his daughters and the health of us all! Now he is on a mission and we all need to jump on board!

So what’s the situation in Australia around the word FRAGRANCE on ingredients lists you may ask?

Reading through the Australian product safety guidelines focussed on ingredients labeling for cosmetics it says:

“The ingredients list must include any fragrances in the product by including one of the following words:
• fragrance
• fragrances
• parfum
• parfums.
Alternatively, you can list the individual ingredients contained in the fragrance.”

So, just like in the US, one word may be a concoction of ingredients that make up the fragrance (not essential that you list what they are) AND these ingredients don’t need to be revealed if it is agreed that “revealing the name of the ingredient would prejudice a trade secret”.

The main takeaway from STINK the movie for me was the realisation that what I am wanting to share with you via this website is important. It is not being talked about enough and I need to be part of the conversation because I do believe that the power is in our hands.

We need to be proactive, we need to stand up to government and industries and demand transparency because there is too much sickness around us. We need to keep ourselves and our families healthy by making educated choices about what we put in our mouths, on our skin or spray around the house. Yes some things we can’t control but there is a lot we can control. As consumers, we can take a stance. When we do this we send a message and over time, industry will change and hopefully our kids and their kids will live in a less toxic environment.

It’s up to you – this movie may just change your mind!


Have you watched STINK? What are your thoughts on it? Have you stopped buying products with fragrance or parfum listed?


What do you think?

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Why the movie STINK is essential viewing