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Beginning a skincare routine for teenage boys

Beginning a skincare routine for your teenage son is not easy. Men tend to not take too much notice about what products they use (some hardly use any at all!), so teenage boys can have a similar attitude.

So what to do when our teenage sons break out with the first signs of pimples and we need to get them going on some sort of skincare routine?!

My son is 14. The hormones have kicked in, the pimples have appeared and despite a pretty healthy diet including low sugar and little processed food, I suddenly realised that a better approach was needed than just hoping he might be like me and not get too many pimples over his teen years. Although I have spent a fair bit of time talking skincare to my 11 year old daughter, I needed a plan of action for my son.

My first steps were talking through a few things with him and hoping that some of it was taken on board.

My skin care tips for my teenage son are:

  • Try and stick with a low sugar and no junk food eating plan even when mum and dad aren’t watching (ie: don’t get caught up in movie mania with mates and order soft drinks and lollies)
  • Daily showers make sense (not just for the skin but for the sake of the bedroom smells!)
  • Be aware that when you are active its best to wash off dirt and grime after all the action and not let it sit on the skin.
  • Reality is that you can’t control the hormones and let’s not get too caught up eliminating all pimples as it’s not likely to happen. Sometimes we just need to accept (of course severe acne causing low self confidence would require a more focussed approach)
  • A regular (but simple) skin cleaning and moisturising routine will help. Really it will!!!


Next I needed to find products that he liked to use, looked ‘cool’ enough to be seen using, and that would do the job.

Here is a list of the natural skincare products we are using:

  1. 808 Dude Zit Free Face Wash for Teens. (pictured) How cool do these look! In the shower for easy use he has the shampoo & body wash and face wash (and I think he uses regularly – I have replaced them so thats a good sign!)
  2. Primal Earth Calming Face Wash. We also bought this one and my son really likes. Will buy again and good to mix up products you use, so we have an extra cleanser near the sink or sometimes thrown in the swim bag for other times he might use.
  3. 100% Pure Konjac Sponge. I also have this in the shower for both my kids to use. I have suggested that even if they just sponge their face instead of full cleanse this is better than nothing. It removes dirt and grime with water only!
  4. Acure Pore Minimising Facial Scrub. Both my kids have been using this. I have been emphasising that you shouldn’t scrub your face too often as I felt our first tube disappeared very fast!! Only complaint is the colour (muddy orange) which was left splattered across shower screen and sink. We are experimenting with a few other scrubs. My son has occasionally allowed me to give him a mini facial so I know it’s being done right!
  5. Thursday Plantation Blemish stick. I just recently bought this for both kids to try. We also had the Dude 808 Spot Free Gel.  These are just to pop on the bigger bumps that need drying out.
  6. RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil. This oil is used in our house in so many ways! It’s 100% pure and has a nutty smell so not overpowering for boys. Oil used on skin doesn’t create oily skin….as many would believe. It is great when my son has dry red patches around his nose. Will clear it up in a couple of days (also great for scars anywhere on the body). The Roll-On is easy for kids to use and means no oily hands. I also use on all over his face as a moisturiser 1-2 times a week (I tend to still be applying it or it is forgotten!). I have also just bought Thursday Plantation Clarifying Oil which is mix of natural oils for acne prone skin.
  7. RosehipPLUS Hydrating Day Cream. Moisturising is the one thing that is an ongoing battle. My son seems to have gotten used to quickly wash his face with a cleanser but then forgets the moisturiser! This one has the rosehip oil added and is light and good for his sensitive skin. He also likes the Primal Earth Moisturiser with SPF15.

So thats the routine we are beginning to settle into. I do believe his skin has improved as his consistency has improved. It’s not perfect yet and we will experiment with other products but I am trying to keep it simple which makes it easy for boys.

These products along with being great Australian and New Zealand brands have no nasties and are all reasonably priced and easily found. Just maybe when he has his own money he won’t complain about buying them for himself either!

We are not experiencing serious acne issues, which teenage boys may have to manage,  so I realise that will require a more intense focus and further study of best products if it comes. For now, I just hope he takes with him in life the importance of a skin care routine, how to choose products without chemicals that can cause problems with your skin and health, and manages to keep the pimple attacks at bay so he can enjoy his teens with confidence.

Do you have a teenage son? What natural skin care products do you think work well for teenage boys? I would love to hear!

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