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REVIEW: Eco by Sonya Driver Face Compost 7 Minute Mask

The Eco by Sonya Driver Face Compost 7 Minute Mask is packed full of super foods, smells like a green smoothie and leaves skin feeling fab!

Following an Instagram post when I purchased the Eco by Sonya Driver Face Compost 7 Minute Mask,  I had a few people ask me about it. It initially caught my attention with the mention of green vegetables and chia seeds on the label and the cute wood-look lid. It sounded like a green smoothie for my face and I figured this could only be good for your skin externally if the same ingredients are so good for you internally!

The skincare products branded Eco By Sonya Driver are a new extension of the well-known and multi-award winning Eco Tan products. Sonya is the founder of Eco Tan. This brand has a great Australian story behind it, and in 2011 Eco Tan made Australian history by becoming the first and only tanning manufacturer to be certified organic by the Organic Food Chain. They are also Accredited Toxic Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia and their products are Vegan and Ethical, with all products made with only natural and organic ingredients. So many reasons to support this brand and their tanning and skin care ranges!

What’s in the Eco by Sonya Face Compost 7 Minute Mask?

They call them 7 super ingredients  – Spinach, Chlorella, Spirulina (hence why it’s so green!), White Clay (yes it does dry but not to the extent you have that hard cracked paint feel), Chia Seeds (super nourishing), Acai and Aloe Vera (healing and cooling).

What it does for your skin

  • Extremely Purifies, deeply cleans
  • Brimming with Antioxidants
  • Restorative and Calming
  • Super rich formula yet perfect for inflamed oily/combo skin
  • Creates a smooth base for make-up
  • This 7- minute mask will feed the skin and leave it clear, smooth, fresh and radiant.

(words direct form their product description)

The experience

Very green which means a bit messy in sink and on face washer, smell not my favourite but it felt good using it as the smell oozes green and healthy. Felt a a bit like a green monster when I faced the kids! Not the most flattering of selfies below but wanted to capture the experience! In seven minutes it dried slightly but not really hard and once removed skin felt soft and nourished and pretty fab!!


My verdict

Love that it doesn’t need to stay on for long (who has time), all organic and natural ingredients with no nasties, and you can use a few times a week (truthfully I forget so need to get using it more regularly!) Also good for all skin types including oily so everyone in the house can use (next challenge is to paste my hubby’s face with it! Am sure teenager has already secretly tried!) Handy tube to use (easier than masks in tubs) and good price at $39.95 for 100ml. I will continue to use Eco by Sonya Driver Face Compost 7 Minute Mask and would definitely buy again.

I believe this mask sold out in launch week (early February) but I am sure it must be back on shelves by now!

Have you tried Eco by Sonya Face Compost 7 Minute Mask? If not, you can buy it HERE or find it at healthy living stores, pharmacies and beauty salons.

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