Plastic-Free Product Swap: Hand Soap

As part of this month’s plastic-free beauty challenge, this product swap is not about the brand but the packaging. The focus is on swapping out products in plastic for ones with less or no packaging – and bar soap is an easy switch!

Hand soap is a product we all use multiple times every day. Liquid soap has become the popular choice for many households however at what cost to our environment?

I myself converted to liquid soap with a young family and we still use it today. Ease of use and less mess would be my excuse. I have even shared some of my favourite low-tox liquid soap brands in the past. However, every bottle we buy is one more for the recycling bin.

This month as part of #plastifreejuly, I have decided I need to be more eco-friendly when it comes to soap especially since there are so many great brands out there offering low-tox bar soaps with less or no packaging!

No more single-use pump soaps mean I don’t have to consider how I recycle the bottles. Usually, the bottle can be recycled, however, the top pump section poses a red flag. They often have metal springs and other small components that can’t be recycled so off to landfill it goes!

So, to decrease the plastic we recycle, what are our options for hand soap (as well as body wash) at home?

One option if you want to stick with liquid soap is to reuse the bottles you already have at home until you decide they aren’t looking pretty by the sink anymore. You could also invest in a porcelain or metal reusable soap pump.

These pumps can with be refilled with either low-tox soap you purchase as refills (this possibly still means another piece of packaging to recycle) or a better option would be filling it up at a refill station at a health food or bulk-buy store.

Another option as a refill, and possibly more cost-effective, is learning how to make your own liquid soap using a few simple ingredients and essential oils.

However, if you want to make the more eco-friendly plastic-free swap from bottle to bar, then I challenge you to find some low-tox bar soaps you love!

The soap in my product swap photo above is one we are using at home at the moment which has a great story behind it – watch this video to learn more:

How amazing is Holley! I heard her speak as part of a panel at a fabulous event for young girls called Beautiful Minds which is where I bought her soaps. Every purchase helps regenerate rainforests, protect endangered wildlife and empower local indigenous communities. She also cares what goes into the soaps using an alternative to palm oil called illipe nut butter with no SLS/SLES or Parabens. Why not support her cause and buy her soaps here.

Many of my favourite online stores offer bar soaps and if you enjoy visiting your local farmer’s markets there are often beautiful handmade soaps available.

However, if you just want to grab an inexpensive and natural bar soap on your next supermarket shop, here are my top picks which are plastic-free and with no nasty ingredients!

Priya – Australian made soaps including one with goats milk which is great for sensitive skin.

Eco Store – a lovely collection with ingredients including coconut, vanilla, honey, kelp, grapefruit, mint and lemongrass.

Thank you – some of their soap range includes natural exfoliating ingredients and 100% of the profits give back to those less fortunate.

Australian Botanical Soaps – an Australian family business focussed on soaps wit no packaging or nasties – and using sustainable palm oil.

Freshwater Laboratories – a new local business in my local area. I spotted their body bars in Woolworths in this funky packaging with some of the latest trendy (but natural and effective) ingredients – coffee and hemp.


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Plastic-Free Product Swap: Hand Soap