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My Story


So you are looking around this blog to see what interests you and you have landed here! Thank you for taking interest in a topic I have become very passionate about over the last few years. You may have already read my about page but below I wanted to tell you more of my story and why I started Beautyful Naturally.

You may need a cup of tea in hand as it’s longer than I planned, but I feel it’s important that I share with you how life got me here. It started with…..


The reason for starting this blog is LOVE. My love for my family, and in particular my daughter, is the reason I began my journey into a deeper understanding about what it is to be healthy and how our environment effects our bodies – physically and mentally.

I wasn’t a healthy child.

My health and wellness story begins when I was a child. I was an acute asthmatic who was hospitalised many times and when I look back at photos you can see the dark rings under my eyes and the sunken chest. My parents were however very much alternative in their thinking and were open to any treatments they could find to help me. We saw naturopaths, herbalists, massage therapists and my dad taught me yoga. In fact, he taught me the now often talked about Pranayama breathing way back when people knew little about meditation, breathing for health and mindfulness. I was taken off dairy which wasn’t easy as a child when the only alternatives was a foul smelling goats milk, creamy Japanese soy milk and carob to replace chocolate. We are so spoilt with the alternatives we have today!!

That was almost 40 years ago. Over the years I have learnt to manage my asthma and my many allergies and sensitivities with a combination of drugs and alternative therapies. I have remained a holistically minded person, visiting many different practitioners, eliminating certain foods from my diet, attempting to keep the house dust and smoke free, and dealing with the different bouts of sickness and asthmatic periods as best I could without taking too many prescribed drugs. The asthma lessened as the years went on yet still remains to a degree.

My life today

As I write I am in my mid-forties, happily married with a 13 year old son and a 10 year old daughter. Neither (luckily) who have severe asthma but my son did experience a bit when he was younger, including eczema, and he does have weakness in his lungs like me. When our daughter was born, as a baby, she seemed to have a lot less health issues. No asthma, no skin issues, very little sickness or antibiotics prescribed.

We really didn’t expect that it would be my daughters health that was going to take us on a journey that leads us to here – me writing a blog about the toxins in our beauty products!


Without boring you with a detailed story on our daughters health journey, in brief, our daughters ongoing stomach pains and erratic behaviour led us to seriously examine what was going on in her body. The result was a Nutrigenomic test and a naturopath explaining to us that our lifestyle (one we all have in the Western World living in a big city) was bad for her health. Let’s face it, it’s not good for any of us, but in particular her DNA was sending us a message.

The foods she was eating, the toxins that were surrounding her and the pace of her life was affecting her health and if we didn’t make some big changes it was only going to get worse.

So what do you do as parents? It was a wake-up call. We had to be the leaders. We had to focus our energies, read more and make the changes. As parents we want to give our children the tools and strategies to live healthy, happy lives. We were failing our daughter and we loved her too much to not decide that day that we needed to make some big changes for the sake of her health.

Changing our habits for a healthy family

It was overwhelming at first and the kids weren’t accepting of the changes we were making but they were included in the process as much as possible. We explained to them the reasoning behind the changes so they could process it and eventually learn themselves about making the right health choices. We were all on board as a family and it started with food.


At the beginning of 2016, when I felt the food part of our journey was travelling nicely, my learnings were creating new desires to make further changes in other areas of our life.

I declared that I would start to tackle our environment. Our home (I am slowly decluttering), our lifestyle (less stress, more mindfulness) and the products we use around the house and on our skin.

I am a Communications Manager for a family run health and beauty business that offer Australians products that I believe in. This role has really opened my eyes to the beauty industry and given me an understanding of how products are made, what ingredients are used and how they are marketed to the consumer.

I am not beauty obsessed

I wasn’t a girly-girl who had to have painted nails and a drawer full of coloured lipsticks. I have never been dedicated to just a few brands (the Libran in my enjoys trying new things) and I am known to not wear a lot of make-up. In fact I have never enjoyed wearing perfume – I find the smell is too over powering!

However, like all women, I enjoy a facial or manicure now and then. I will purchase products I don’t really need or have read about and think I should try. In the past I didn’t think much about looking at the ingredients in the products I bought or considering what company was making the products. In the early days of my PR career I did in fact work for a top international beauty brand which was a bit exciting in the early ’90’s…if only I had known what I now know about beauty products!

My daughter (and almost the end of my story)

Ever since she could pick up a lipstick from my mothers dressing table, my daughter has been unlike me and quite obsessed with pouting her painted lips and prettifying her toes. In fact she is crazy about lip balms and lip glosses and the sweeter the smell the better! When she has friends over they make each others faces up with layers of make-up obtained from products gifted by grandparents and friends, freebies from show bags and magazines and an odd lipstick pinched from my drawer. My daughter is also now at the age in which hormones are starting to effect her skin and the beauty products are filling up her drawers. This is what worries me.

So I decided to start a blog about beauty, and in particular the toxins in beauty products – and what to do about it!!

What I offer to you as a reader of this blog is a combination of  insights into my journey of eliminating toxins from our home, tips on how to start your own journey without being overwhelmed, discoveries that I am making at work about what ingredients are good and bad, products that you should try, articles you should read, and information that you should share with your children, family and friends so that we all become more aware of how toxins in the home can affect our health.

The most important part of starting this blog for me is to log my discoveries in order to educate my daughter and I hope that as I make the changes at home, her health improves further.

Hopefully she will pass her learnings on to her friends, and if enough of us do this for our own communities it may mean the next generation of women (and men) are healthier people because they have decreased the amount of toxins that their bodies have to deal with.

We can’t control everything around us as we go about our daily lives but if we start to control the environment in our homes and the products we use it will certainly make a difference!

I would love to hear your thoughts on anything I write about or just to hear your stories. Leave a comment on the blog posts or email me at beautyfulnaturallyblog(at)gmail.com

I hope you visit often and share what you learn with your community. Make the change for the health of you family.

Be beautyful naturally….inside and out!