First Step. Start to Declutter.

So what were my first steps on this journey of detoxing the products we use?

It takes time to read all the ingredients labels and when you start to look around the house you realise how much you use!

My approach was one step at a time.

Without feeling overwhelmed I decided, once I had committed in my mind to be more aware of what I was using, the next step was to slowly work my way around the house.

One of my new years resolutions was to declutter our house. Of course decluttering drawers, including ones in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry, was also a great way to start my detoxing journey.

So here are the steps I took with each drawer and cupboard…

  1. Start opening the drawers and cupboards which are filled with products and empty them. I did this drawer by drawer, and room by room over a few weeks.
  2. Decide to either bin, check or keep each product.
  3. Bin everything out of date. I know many beauty products don’t have used by dates but medicine does and just clearing this out was good to do too! If I felt like a product was old as it has been sitting around for a while unused or part used (or with lots of dust on it) I also binned it.
  4. If there are products you are reluctant to bin because you feel you will use or do use a bit but then you also feel like it may contain some nasties, first thing I did was a quick read of the ingredients. If the list was long and there was a lot I couldn’t pronounce I became less attached and binned it.
  5. If you fee like it, check some products to make your decision easier, download the Think Dirty App where you can enter a product name and it gives it a “dirty” rating, or the other useful app is Chemical Maze, in which you can search individual ingredients to find out what they are (also great for checking food additives).
  6. There is bound to be some products you can’t give up or you know are pretty good quality (make sure they have no SLS and Parabens at least, and organic and natural on labels may mean they are pretty natural although no guarantees – more about this on another post). Keep these and you can always go back for a second round of elimination when you  have learned more about what you are looking for.
  7. Finally, wipe down the drawer/cupboard and pop the products you are keeping back in. Likely it will be clearer (some of mine were almost empty) and just binning some toxic products makes you feel better already!
  8. Repeat this task throughout the house.

Enjoy that joyful feeling each time you do it and know that already you are making a difference for the family. They won’t be reaching for those nasty products again!

So who is going to give this a go? Have you started doing this already? Any other tips you can offer? I would love your thoughts and to hear your experience. 

…and don’t forget to share this post with family and friends and inspire them to join you on your detoxing journey!

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First Step. Start to Declutter.