The best natural hand sanitisers to take anywhere – and everywhere!

Who would have thought hand sanitisers would be THE body care essential. Not me!

In fact, I wrote a post a while back about all the nasties in the well-known mainstream hand sanitisers and why ideally you don’t use them at all!

However, life in 2020 is different and I have accepted that a hand sanitiser in the pocket/ handbag/car is needed!

As most of us have heard by now, hand sanitisers need to contain at least 60% alcohol or 70% isopropanol to be effective. Ethyl alcohol is naturally less toxic than isopropyl alcohol. Hand sanitisers made with more natural ingredients often use alcohol made from sugar-cane or other plants.

Although alcohol of some form is a necessary ingredient in hand sanitisers to kill viruses, it can dehydrate the skin. Ideally grab a hand sanitiser with a moisturising ingredient like aloe vera or natural oils.

Not much else is needed in hand sanitisers, however many well-known brands contain a few other nasty chemicals that are not needed. So don’t compromise as there are a plethora of natural hand sanitiser options!

Thank You Hand Sanitiser

Try these low-tox natural hand sanitisers


  • EO with Organic Lavender or Peppermint – my first discovery when I was looking for a natural hand sanitiser. I also love their mini spray which fits in your purse/pocket.
  • Dottera ON GUARD Sanitising Mist – I love Doterra Oils and wasn’t I pleased that I had a few of these sprays stored before the world went into lockdown! Even the teenage girls enjoy using this one when I offer it around. WIN! The cinnamon gives it a very different smell to most hand sanitisers and it’s packed full of lovely oils too!
  • Elyptol – a recent discovery from Chemist Warehouse and one of their only natural options. A nice Australian option with eucalyptus as a key ingredient of course!


  • Eco Sonya – Australian made with organic aloe vera as well as eucalyptus and lemongrass essential oils. 
  • Amazing Oils – with the added benefit of magnesium.
  • Black Chicken – Essential oil blend of  citrus, peppermint & lavender with coconut oil



  • Squeakie – cute bottle with graphics to grab the attention of the little ones. Refills also available.



  • Sukin – good price but I find the alcohol is the overpowering smell
  • Thank you – Australian brand that gives back to those in need although I would rather this didn’t contain triethanolamine and not sure if the fragrance is from a natural source?



  • Buy hand sanitisers with at least 60% alcohol (ideally sourced from cane sugar or natural sources).
  • Ideally “Fragrance” is from natural sources.
  • Beware of two many petroleum sourced ingredients which include PEG, DEA, MEA, EDTA, Toluene, Benzene, parafin wax, mineral oil and names with butyl and propyl in them.
  • Additional oils or aloe vera is a good addition for the moisturising effect – especially since we are using it so much!
  • A natural-looking label and name doesn’t mean natural – read the ingredients! If you see too many chemical looking ingredients (see point above) then find a better option.

Are you using a natural hand sanitiser? What’s your favourite?


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The best natural hand sanitisers to take anywhere – and everywhere!The best natural hand sanitisers to take anywhere – and everywhere!