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Natural liquid soaps without the nasties should be a priority in the house since they are used multiple times a day by all the family. Liquid soaps (aka hand wash or hand soap) have replaced bar soaps in many homes and the anti-bacterial ones have become particularly popular…but below I explain why you don’t want these in the house!

Liquid hand soaps can contain SLS, parabens, synthetic colours and fragrances, and petroleum based ingredients to name a few of the nasties! If it is an anti-bacterial soap you like to use then it may also contain triclosan which has been banned in the US. Apparently it is being phased out of products in Australia but there is no ban yet so you may still find products containing it on the shelves!

Why should you be concerned about triclosan? The reason for the ban in the US is their studies concluded using triclosans for antibacterial effect in liquid soap is no better than washing your hands with soap and water, and in fact the use of them has been creating antibiotic resistant bacteria (super bugs). Research has also shown that triclosan can effect our hormones and may be connected to kids developing allergies.  Want to know more? Watch this video.

So bin the bacterial hand soaps, teach the family to wash hands thoroughly (start using natural hand sanitisers if you must) and switch to some of my nice natural liquid soap options below.

My criteria is the same as the body wash and body cream, none of the major nasties, under $20 for 500ml (or slightly over for some luxe options), easy to find on your weekly shop or online, and Australian brands or companies worth supporting. There are options for everyday use in the kitchen, bathrooms, for the kids and some luxe options for the guest bathroom.


thank you. Hand Wash (500ml) $7.99

Thank You_Hand Wash

Natural & helping to end world poverty!

The thankyou. brand began selling bottled water with the sole purpose of giving back to communities in need. Now they have 55 products and their business is still one that gives 100% of their profits to end global poverty so you definitely feel good buying this product and you can track every products impact using a product code. They do have phenoxyethanol in some of their products which is disappointing but they don’t have all the other nasties. They also have a 250ml foaming wash. The range is easy to find across most supermarkets and large pharmacies.

Only Good Hand Wash  (300ml) $6.00

only good_hand wash

New option you can find at the supermarket

This is a NZ brand just new to Woolworths and Coles which is why it’s on this list but I haven’t tried it yet. They have five different natural fragrances (Nourish, Revive, Refresh, Protect, Soothe). Reading over their website they have a big list of the nasties not in their products as well as a list of great natural ingredients they call “nutrition for the skin” – I am super impressed and keen to try all their products!

Probiotic Solutions Healthy Hands  (500ml) $15.00

probiotic solutions_hand wash

Probiotics for your skin! Great swap for those who like antibacterial soap.

I discovered this range at my local organic store, then realised it is also at Harris Farm, and in fact the family who have developed this range are local to my area.  What’s different about these products is they use probiotics in their formula. If you are obsessed with anti-bacterial soaps then this is a great natural option for you. Basically they have millions of friendly bacteria in their products to rebalance the bad bacteria in your home. They explain that products using nasty chemicals are like nuclear bombs going off killing 99.9% of bacteria, including the good bacteria our environment needs. Their hand wash balances the bacteria in a healthy way. I really like this concept – they have cleaning products too! Read more about them here.

Eco Store Kids Hand Wash (350ml) $11.95

Hand Washes_EcoStoreKids

Kid’s foaming soap from Eco Store!

This ones for the kids thanks to one of my favourite brands, Eco Store! Available in Pear Pop or Fruity Zing made from carefully selected plant and mineral based ingredients to be kind to young skin. Haven’t seen this everywhere yet (ie: all the supermarkets where you can find the Eco Store range) but keep an eye out. You can find it online. A smaller pump than most of my suggestions the kids may just use this up fast!

Natura Siberica Softening Cream Soap (500ml) $10.99

natura siberica_hand wash

Ingredients include wild harvest herbs and plants from Siberia

Natura Siberica is distributed by an Australian company but is made in Europe with natural ingredients including wild harvested herbs and flowers from Siberia. There are three options including Softening, Nourishing and Hydrating. I have included this brand because it’s the only hand soap in Chemist Warehouse that contains organic ingredients, it’s a good price and the bottle gives a luxe look by the bathroom sink. You can find at Chemist Warehouse or online.

Olieve Hand & Body Wash  (500 ml) $25.99

Olieve_Hand Wash

A more luxe option with the goodness of olive oil

At this price this is a luxe guest bathroom option. Not so easy to find but I wanted to include as I was gifted this a few years ago and I loved the texture of the olive oil and they use other Australian bush ingredients which makes it pretty special. It’s  an Australian company, making small batches with less carbon footprint than big brands, so maybe consider as a gift or treat yourself or your guests – just keep away from the kids!

Resparkle Organic Hand Wash (500ml) $8.50

Resparkle_hand wash

Certified Organic and Australian – ticks all boxes and gives back to the community!

I really like everything about this Australian company I am not sure why I haven’t tried more of their products. They focus on cleaning products but have this hand wash and I noticed they have a new body wash just out too!  It’s Certified Organic, you can buy refills for your bottle (less waste) and they are on a serious mission to get us all changing our habits and creating healthier homes! Read all about it. Speaking my language 🙂 – and such a good price too!

Eco. Hand Wash (500ml) $15.o0


Australian made, palm oil free, vegan & no nasties!

Anther Australian brand that you will find at health food stores or online.  This range from Queensland is palm oil free and without all the nasties, focusses on sourcing natural and organic ingredients and drawing on the benefits of active essential oils. Choose from a few different scents and oil mixes. The bright coloured labels may just co-ordinate with your bathroom colours!

So have you tried an of these? What are your favourites or next ones to try?

See my disclaimer, these are just my suggestions and my opinions.

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