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Body creams/moisturiser/lotion is another product used every day on all the family so an important one to consider what’s in it!

As we begin to look at our bathroom essentials and some great natural low-tox options, body wash was my first suggested change to make during the #gonaturalfeb challenge.

Some of the brands I suggested in the body wash blog post also have great body moisturiser options (have included some of these same brands in this list),  however I have added some new brands so you can start to spot them too when out shopping for the family.

If we think about it, a moisturiser is actually sitting on your skin and will be absorbed into it, so maybe I should have made this your #1 swap! It’s an super important to rehydrate and nourish your skin so let’s do it with products using natural oils and ingredients sourced from fruit, vegetables and plants!

I have kept with the same criteria for this list. Products with none of the major nasties of concern which you can try for under $20 or close to (body lotions and creams tend to cost slightly more than wash), easily available and Australian brands or companies worth supporting.

Here is something for everyone in the family of course! I know how fussy teenage girls so there are a couple they are likely to be drawn to, I have also included a great baby brand who is now venturing into products for everyone, and something a bit different for those of you who want to eliminate packaging waste as well.

The skin is the largest organ in the body so just think about this next time you are slathering on the cream. Ask yourself what is in this?  It’s a great first step just to start questioning.

Essano Manuka Sensitive Body Lotion (400ml) $16.99


Pump option you can find at supermarkets & pharmacies

The Essano brand features in my free ebook as a good brand to find at the supermarket (Woolies). It is from New Zealand (but I am ok with supporting our neighbours – they have always been ahead of us when it comes to natural skincare!) and you will find the Rosehip range easily but now the Manuka and Coconut ranges have hit our shores. I just picked up the Coconut one with Frangipani and Paw Paw in the Priceline sale and it’s nice. It is particularly fruity and tropical so not a subtle fragrance, I think this is one for the girls – the young ones will like the packaging too. Pump bottle is handy.


VegeSorb Moisturiser (250g) $12.70


Great replacement for sorbolene – no petrochemicals!

This is a great basic moisturiser for all the family and you can get it in a 1 kg bottle too! I was given a sampler and really liked it. If you are a Sorbolene user (which is a basically a mix of water, mineral oils and petrochemical by-products) then it’s time to replace it with this! They explain the reasons here. Vegesorb is light and non greasy with a base of almond and apricot kernel oil. You will find this in health food stores and online.


Byron Bay Skincare Body Creme  (200gms) $17.95


Australian brand with fragrances that remind you of summer days by the beach!

I was gifted this Australian brand’s shampoo and conditioner and I love the intense peppermint fragrance and their use of natural Australian bush plant ingredients. This body creme doesn’t have peppermint but am sure it smells good and would work a treat on the body as it contains coconut oil and shea butter, gardenia flower and desert rose. It’s on my next to try list! Also love that they are dedicated to supporting the Seed of Change charity and helping to reverse the damage of deforestation. Read about it here.


Organic Shop Body Mousse (250ml) $12.95


Creams, mousses and butters with lots of natural fragrances

An Australian owned company distributes this Certified Organic brand from Europe. They call their body moisturisers  mousses, creams and butters which just indicates the consistency. My daughter loves the different natural ‘flavours’ (they smell good enough to eat!) and my husband will use some of the more subtle smelling ones too. Mainly available online but will be appearing in retail stores in some states. Find out where here.


Dr Bronners Hand & Body Lotion (237ml) $18.50


Two in one from a great all natural brand

Another great two-in-one product from this ethical company which originates from the US and has been offering their simple multi-use liquid soap for years. It’s certified organic and gentle on the skin with a few natural fragrance options (they use essential oils) and it’s in a handy pump bottle. Buy online or from health food stores.


Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Body Cream  (150 ml) $25.99

trilogy_Body Moisturisers

My luxe option and super hydrating!

Another well-known NZ brand and my luxe option for summer skin thats needs an extra hydration boost. Trilogy use Rosehip oil which I am a fan of, and this cream leaves a soft shimmer on the skin thanks to natural mineral mica. Easy to find at pharmacies and possible some supermarkets.


Wot Not Baby Lotion (150ml) $14.95

Wot Not_babycream

Great brand for baby!

I have a been a fan of the Wot Not brand since my kids were young as the women behind this brand began by introducing natural nappies to Australia. They happen to of started the business not far from where I live so has been exciting to see their brand grow and now be available around the world! If you have a baby on the house you can rely on their brand and now they are venturing into products for all the family. I often buy their wipes and have been trying out their sun screen. You will spot them in health food stores, pharmacies and some of the products in super markets as well as online.


Ethique Butter Block (100g) $24.95

Ethique Body Bar_moisturiser

Something different – no plastic packaging!

Ethique is for those of you who want to decrease your waste and use of plastic bottles! Yes another NZ brand doing something quite different. We were gifted the sampler pack and we loved!! These bars are for body, hair and face. Haven’t tried the butter block so would love to know if you do. They say one bar is the equivalent of three bottles of 250ml body lotion!! The bar is packed full of natural oils (palm oil free), the packaging is compostable and they are a certified carbon neutral company. A great company to support!

Would love to know if you use these, decide to try them and what your favourite ones are!

See my disclaimer, these are just my suggestions and my opinions.

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