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I decided to start this blog to share with you the discoveries I have been making over the last couple of years. It’s a calling that I can’t calm. I am worried about the health of our children so I want to share my discoveries so together we can make changes for the future health of generations to come.

I work in the health and beauty industry. I am passionate about my health and the health of my family. I am on my own journey of discovery about what is best to feed my family, what products to use around the house and on our bodies, and how our environment effects our health.

I wish I knew 30 years ago what I now know about nutrition, how chemicals effect our body and how to be a well being.

As a mum of two children, I feel it is my responsibility to teach them at an early age what will help them to lead healthy lives. I also feel that I should share this with you so you can teach the children in your life. Maybe it will result in a generation in which obesity decreases and the sicknesses that plague our health care system will start to diminish. I can only hope.

You have to start somewhere. Small steps can lead to big changes over time.

I have written blogs before on totally different subjects but the more I learn about how to be healthy inside and out, the more I want to share my discoveries on health and wellness – especially relating to the topic of how the toxins in products we use effect our health. The more you learn the more you want to know and it can be overwhelming but it’s a journey. Small changes over time will make a difference.

I want to empower you so you can make better choices.

I will share what I am learning through my work experience and my own research. Yes I do work for brands that are natural and organic!

I will simply explain what you need to know about the toxins that are in the products we use and the air we breathe, and what we can do around the home to decrease them.

Switching to organic is not just about the food we eat but also what we put on our skin.

I will share the natural and organic products I am discovering and love, and the challenges I face as our family make the changes.

I aim to offer all the resources you need so you can share my journey and you can become your own natural beauty ambassador.

My posts will be short bite-size bits of information about health and beauty that you can soak up fast and action easily without feeling overwhelmed.

Share my posts and the discoveries you make with your family, friends and community.

My hope is that through changing what we use in our home and educating our children about not using products that are filled with chemicals, we will have played a hand in creating a healthier world. We will certainly have helped our children to lead healthier lives!

As consumers we can demand change and push for better regulation of the cosmetics and home products industry by deciding only to buy non-toxic products. Together we can make a difference. 

I would love your feedback and to hear your journey, so please leave comments or contact me.