Three simple winter skincare tips to help your teenage son combat acne

Is your teenage son struggling with pimples or acne? These 3 simple solutions could make all the difference.

My 17 year old son recently asked me for advice on his skin. Hallelujah! – as we all know teenagers tend not to want to admit that they need advice from their parents or take the advice when offered without asking 🙂

Having a mother and son moment out shopping led to a skincare conversation (and me spending a small fortune on skincare products) but it was one step towards him considering how best to look after his skin.

Pimples and acne can cause self-confidence issues with our boys (just like girls) so it’s good to have a few simple tips up our sleeves to offer our sons. My first blog post about buying skincare products for my son has proved one of my most-read posts, so I guess we are all searching for more answers on how we help boys improve their skin!

So, I queried my much-loved and very experienced skin care therapist on what to teach my son. You may be surprised to know the answers are not what to buy but what not to do!

These skincare tips are useful any time of the year (and for all teenagers – even adults) but they are related to behaviors teenagers tend to have during the winter months.

If you can manage to have the discussion with your son (and he listens), these skin care tips can combat inflamed skin which can result in breakouts and keep his skin hydrated.

No hot water directly on the face

We all love a nice hot shower over the winter months and teenagers are known to have very long ones!  The problem is that hot water strips the skin of moisture and can results in dry, itchy skin.

In fact, the longer you leave the face under the water, the faster the process of stripping the oils and moisture from the skin. Natural oils are essential for our skin to regenerate, and when dry, skin can be left inflamed and red. 

Avoid layers of heavy blankets, beanies and thick socks in bed

Boys like their beanies! In fact, most kids love snuggling up under blankets to warm themselves on cold winter nights often adding extra warmth BUT too many layers and keeping the body at a high temperature all night will overheat the body and cause skin problems similar to hot water – dehydration, redness, itching and inflammation.

Rosy red cheeks on your teenager in the morning means overheating. Experts agree that the best sleeping temperature is around 18-20 degrees celsius any hotter doesn’t help your sleep – or your sleep.

Drink More Water!

This one needs to be everyone’s motto but teenagers (boys especially) seem to forget how important it is to hydrate the body – especially when active all year round.

The recommendation is 6-8 glasses a day for teenagers. Boys won’t find it easy to keep track so I highly recommend buying them a 1 litre water bottle (some of them even indicate how many glasses on the bottle) then two bottles a day is perfect! My son bought one of these bottles and it has helped a lot with his water intake.

How does water benefit my skin your son may ask ?

The skin is 63% water. Dehydration can occur for a number of reasons including the ones mentioned above and if boys are active and outside a lot over the winter months, the cold winds are another factor.

Drinking enough water means the skin remains plump and is able to combat these winter issues meaning it’s less likely to crack and have irritations or blemishes. 

Julius Few, M.D in an article on water and skin further explains “It is critical to have a stable balance of water to oil on the surface of skin. If the skin is too heavily covered in oil relative to water, this can lead to clogged pores with acne breakouts and blemishes.”

So now the tricky part is convincing your teenage son that these simple skin care tips, which are particularly important over winter, just might affect his skin for the better!

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Three simple winter skincare tips to help your teenage son combat acne