11 reasons why rosehip oil is a beauty essential.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my rosehip oil! Not only is it pure and organic but it is multi-tasker when it comes to beauty – and everyone in the house can use it.

Here are 11 reasons why you need rosehip oil in your home.

  1. Skin hydration. This is an obvious one. It’s a skin saviour for dry and dehydrated skin. Packed full of essential fatty acids and antioxidants, a few drops after your morning shower on face or body will improve skin texture and keep it supple and hydrated. It’s great for all skins including sensitive and aging skin, as well as young skin – using oils on skin does not mean oily skin! My husband loves it too and has really improved his skin texture.
  2. Dry, brittle hair. Use rosehip oil on the ends of dry hair to protect and nourish, or add a few drops to your conditioner or hair mask. Can also be used as pre-wash treatment by massaging onto dry hair, let sit for 10-15 minutes and then wash out.
  3. Peeling or flaky cuticles. Add a few drops around nails to soften and nourish. Use as part of your home manicure and pedicures.
  4. Dry patches on face or body. Rosehip oil, used regularly, will decrease redness and nourish the skin. I often use on dry patches and spots on the kids’ skin.
  5. Acne issues. Oil does not produce more oil. Use Rosehip oil to balance the skin’s natural oil. Great to add to a teenager skincare routine and good for acne scars.
  6. Reduce scarring. Use on healed wounds after an accident or operation to repair skin and watch the scar fade over time.
  7. Pregnant. Rub on your belly to nourish skin and promote elasticity as the skin stretches, and it helps to avoid stretch marks. Post-pregnancy, continue to use on your belly, and if you have cesarean scars, once healed, Rosehip oil will assist with tissue repair and fading.
  8. Dry spots or cradle cap on baby’s head. A pure Rosehip oil with no fragrances and additives is great for baby’s sensitive skin.
  9. Chapped lips. Kiss them goodbye by applying Rosehip Oil before bed for smooth hydrated lips in the morning. Add some sugar for a lip exfoliator.
  10. Eye beauty secret. Use eyelash brush to apply rosehip oil on eyelashes and eyebrows to nourish and shape. I have heard some people swear it helps the hair grow too!
  11. DIY Beauty. Mix Rosehip Oil, brown sugar and lemon juice for a nourishing exfoliator. Gently massage on feet, legs or all over for soft glowing skin.

What rosehip oil do I use?

I worked for RosehipPLUS for a few years – so I am biased! I know there are many great brands out there but the RosehipPLUS range is Australian Certified Organic, so reasonably priced, pure from seed to bottle with no additives, and easily found online and at Chemist Warehouse – so it’s a winner all around in my eyes! We have a bottle in every bathroom and it’s used every day.

There are plenty of other Rosehip Oils to discover HERE.

Do you use rosehip oil? What’s your favourite use and favourite brand?


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11 reasons why rosehip oil is a beauty essential.