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Product Swap: Lip Balm

Suffering from dry lips? As the weather cools down and we hibernate inside, our lips can suffer. A lip balm in your pocket becomes a must have over winter but have you considered what they are made of?

Although our lips need love all year round, I feel it’s the winter months that I really notice the effects of cold winds and indoor heating. 

10 natural beauty gift packs for mum

This Mother’s Day give the gift of health as well as beauty by choosing natural beauty gift packs for your mum!

Flicking through the Mother’s Day gift guides gives me shivers these days….all those fragrances that actually make me fee ill, and packs of creams and soaps that we now know contain lots of ingredients that’s not great for our health! 

REVIEW: Eco by Sonya Driver Face Compost 7 Minute Mask

The Eco by Sonya Driver Face Compost 7 Minute Mask is packed full of super foods, smells like a green smoothie and leaves skin feeling fab!

Following an Instagram post when I purchased the Eco by Sonya Driver Face Compost 7 Minute Mask,  I had a few people ask me about it.


Natural liquid soaps without the nasties should be a priority in the house since they are used multiple times a day by all the family. Liquid soaps (aka hand wash or hand soap) have replaced bar soaps in many homes and the anti-bacterial ones have become particularly popular…but below I explain why you don’t want these in the house!