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Did you know there is plastic in beauty products?

Plastic in beauty products not only pollutes our waterways and causes problems for ocean life but it enters our body through our skin and may create havoc with our hormones.

Plastic-Free Product Swap: Hand Soap

As part of this month’s plastic-free beauty challenge, this product swap is not about the brand but the packaging. The focus is on swapping out products in plastic for ones with less or no packaging – and bar soap is an easy switch!

Hand soap is a product we all use multiple times every day.

Best online stores for plastic-free purchases

If you have set yourself the challenge to decrease the use of plastic in your life then you might need to make some purchases to start your journey.

Whether are you aiming to reduce your single-use plastics, go plastic free or zero waste, or want to make more of your own cleaning or beauty products,

Six ways to reduce plastic in your beauty cabinet

This Plastic Free July lets consider how we reduce our plastic footprint when buying beauty products.

Plastic Free July has begun! Every year I take up this challenge because I know that just like the journey of eliminating toxins from your environment, reducing plastic use is a journey.