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Join my February ‘Go Natural’ Challenge!

February is the perfect time to change some habits and when it comes to ditching toxic products from your home, I want you to join me on a month long journey of going low-tox and making your environment a healthier one.

February is here already and it’s time to get serious!


Body creams/moisturiser/lotion is another product used every day on all the family so an important one to consider what’s in it!

As we begin to look at our bathroom essentials and some great natural low-tox options, body wash was my first suggested change to make during the #gonaturalfeb challenge.


Body wash/shower gel is one of the first products in the bathroom you should be investigating because it’s used by all the family every day and all over the body!

The aim of my #gonaturalfeb challenge is to inspire you with new products to try which may be a more natural option than you currently use and with less nasty ingredients.

Why I look for the Australian Certified Organic bud logo

Do you know what Australia Certified Organic means and why you should look out for the bud logo?

September is Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Awareness Month so it’s the prefect time to talk about what certified organic means and why brands make the effort to have the bud logo on their label.